“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

~ Charles Darwin


How responsive to change are you? Can you go with the flow or are you rigid and fixed in your plans and methods and … thinking!? What are your thoughts about sex? Naughty or nice? And how does stress fit into the equation?

Stress accelerates the aging process many ways from creating insulin resistance and contributing to cardiovascular disease to burning out our energy reserves, to messing up our vital restorative process called sleep. It takes the joy and juice out of life right. And stress takes away our ability to get present and really focused on the other person. Thus it can mess up our sex lives. So let’s talk about sex for a minute as it can help slow the aging process, boost our mood and outlook on life and so much more.

But hey, don’t believe me lets learn from an expert. Dr. David Weeks is one of the world experts on intercourse and sex. Last year at a sleep convention in Colchester England he stated that “sexual pleasure is a “crucial factor” in maintaining youth.”

One of his studies with over 3500 people (aged 18 to 102) revealed that people with a good sex life with a long term partner could appear up to 12 years younger. He also stated that “sexual satisfaction is a major contributor to quality of life, ranking at least as high as spiritual or religious commitment and other moral factor, so more positive attitudes towards mature sex should be vigorously promoted.” All good news!

If stress accelerates the aging process and sex slows it down we should know a bit more about how it does this. We have seen that stress messes up our sleep. And we know that deep sleep is vital for releasing growth hormone (the “fountain of youth” hormone). Well it turns out that passion releases growth hormone with is a key hormone in keeping your skin elastic and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Smiling young couple with arms crossed

But there is much more. Sex also stirs up other happy hormones and when combined with the testosterone and estrogen released by sexual activity it contributes to firmer muscles, nicer skin and hair.

When combined with the physical stress release associated with sex, it also contributes to the release of the hormone prolactin. Prolactin helps us get better and more sleep. And this helps reduce stress and boost our mood. Ahhhh… good stuff.

Sex also makes us feel younger. It helps flood the brain with feel good hormones called endorphins and oxytocin. These help boost our mood and outlook on life. It helps enhance a positive mood. And remember, attitude is what others perceive in us about our age much before they can see or notice our “wisdom lines”. A positive person with a positive mood takes more control of their life and feels that they are expanding their circle of control. It puts us in the drivers seat. Further, it helps counter stress.

“Better still,

more sex is better for you!”

Sex also boosts your circulation and immune function to keep you functioning younger as well. Better still, more sex is better for your health. Dr Weeks commented on a study where those who had sex three times per week were substantially healthier than those who had sex two times per week. Finishing with an orgasm also helps to release more of the endorphins boosting your mood, health and well being.

It is important to point out that Dr. Weeks is talking about sex in long term committed relationships as the stress associated with random connections or multiple partners outweighs the benefits.

The human body is amazing and we can enjoy it so many ways. Stress disrupts our ability to get close and present with others. It takes the joy and juice out of life. Enjoying sex can undo some of the stress we feel, it can make us look and act younger. And It’s free.

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Best of health and spirits,

Robert Ridpath


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