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We weren’t taught these skill in school or by our parents. To be happy and fulfilled, we all need to learn and master them. Our training programs focus on acute stress management but also on helping get to the root cause (systemic cause) of your stress. This is true stress reduction. Feel better now!


What to look for in a stress management course online


This article will help you understand what to look for in a stress management course online (or other wise) to reduce your stress fast.

First of all, most importantly, you want to look for a program that offers more than simply “acute stress management” which is often simply relaxation techniques or “time management and productivity”. You should be looking for a program that helps you not only addresses your current stress issues, but also helps you do deeper and further “upstream” to get to the root cause of your stress.

This is vital as chronic stress play an important role in braking down your body and contributing to dangerous health issues such as cardio vascular disease, diabetes, neurological decline, memory issues, belly fat and general poor health. Besides that, it puts us in poor moods, causes disruptions in our relationships, contributes to poor sleep and takes the joy and juice out of life! YUCK lets deal with this FAST!

A comprehensive stress management program should actually be a stress reduction program as most don’t want to mange more. They want to reduce their stress. Thus a comprehensive program will address all 3 major levels of stress reduction which include:

  • acute stress management
  • prevention (controlling your perceptions) and
  • most importantly, enhancing your out of balance physiology which builds your internal resistance as well as acts as a foundation for all stress reduction programs

The program should also help address all the multiple sources of stress on the body as well as develop a plan to prevent it from building up in the first place. Thus, you should also know what stresses you such as:

  • physical
  • biochemical
  • mental
  • emotional
  • spiritual
  • electro magnetic and
  • hidden stressors.

The program should also look deeper to see how you are dealing or coping with the stress as well as its effects on your body. Most people often relate to one of these simple categories. You need to understand how you are stressed. Are you:

  • stressed and wired
  • stressed and tired or
  • stressed and burned out?

There are even sub-categories such as stressed and inflamed or stressed and cold.

Help for stress

A good program will also need to look at how long you have been stressed. This is important, as you need to know the effects stress has had on your body. Everyone is different and responds differently to stress. Some gain weight, some lose weight. Some lose muscle, some develop sleep issues or even have physical deterioration of their adrenal glands (the organ that produces the stress hormone cortisol).  Chronic stress breaks down your internal resistance. Thus you need to rebuild and develop a program to heal.

A comprehensive program will also want to look at work and home life stress, relationship stress and as stated above, secondary health effects such as cardio vascular effects, belly fat, weight gain and sarcopenia (the loss of muscle) and even neurological effects (memory loss etc).

relax for stress relief

It is now understood that lack of mission or direction or even self authenticity can greatly increase stress and reduce the quality of ones life. Therefore the best programs will also help one with the bigger stressors like life direction, purpose, meaning and mission as well as the development of core values and strategies to live by. As well, it should help one live a more authentic life (be true to thy self!) where one is more true to ones self.

We weren’t taught stress reduction techniques in school, by our parents or in the workplace. We may have learned inappropriate or non-supporting ways. You need to learn and master these core fundamental techniques if you want to feel more in control as well have more juice and joy in our life.

Unfortunately, this is why most stress management training courses online ( or other wise) do a poor job or fail. Most programs have little understanding about this and thus they never talk or teach it. That’s why most of these programs are just superficial and only help short term. They don’t get to the root cause of you stress.  They tend to be more motivational to get you to do more instead of helping you do less.


Limits of stress management training

Many programs will offer just one aspect of “stress management” ie time management, increased productivity, yoga, deep breathing etc. They suggest you, exercise, get more sleep, be more proactive all of which are GOOD. But you deserve much better. You need to know what is the hierarchy or protocol that you should follow and focus on to get the quickest and best results? You must learn the most effective and best ways to balance your physiology.

You need to know the details of how do you sleep better? What exercise is best and when is best to exercise? How do you relax? How do you bring down the stress hormone cortisol? How do you get rid of it from your body? What are the best ways to do this? What foods should you eat or which should you avoid? What if any supplements should one take? What about mediations? How do you figure out your values or life direction? How do all the pieces fit together?

I think you can understand that, you can meditate to relax and calm down but if you have tons of cortisol racing through your system because you haven’t eaten all day or slept well, or because of the truck load of work you have to do, it won’t have a major impact. And it sure doesn’t get to the root cause of your stress.


Your choice for stress reduction

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We help with the “bigger picture stressors” such as life purpose, meaning and direction. And most importantly we help you balance your physiology, build up your internal resistance, and address the root cause of your stress. You will be able to handle stress better and problems will seem smaller. Simply put, your stress will be reduced!

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We help you do less, which means you actually get to do more. More of the things you really want to do that are of highest value and importance to you. You get to lead a more fulfilling and satisfying life full of joy and happiness. This is true stress reduction.

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WorkPlace Stress Reduction

As one of our premier training programs, this program is loaded with great tips, strategies and lifestyle techniques that will help reduce your workplace  stress fast and simply. No one gives you such comprehensive and complete training. Because we utilize a “wholistic” approach that draws upon traditional as well as complementary disciplines to give you a highly effective and doable program that give you fast result now and for a lifetime!

Based on customer feedback we’ve designed the lesson and training sessions to fit into your day and so they give you practical strategies you can master quickly and layer upon each other to give you better results. We know you want to get back into control and reduce your stress fast!

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Belly Fat and Stress Reduction

This revolutionary new book format contains some exciting new ways to reduce your stress and reduce your belly fat at the same time. You can’t lose belly fat with out getting your stress under control. Why? Because stress (cortisol) makes your body store belly fat. If anyone tells your different then they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

Its loaded with links to in-depth training videos on specific topics, downloadable PDF files on all kinds of helpful topics including shopping guilds, glycemic index, how to have a full and relaxing day etc. Its a huge resource that makes your life so much easier and simpler.

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