Stress at work




Work doesn’t have to be stressful! We can help reduce workplace stress and help you feel like you’re in control. You spend a significant amount of time at work and it shouldn’t be stressing you out. Learn some great ways to feel better and in control quickly. You might even end up enjoying it!

Managing work related stress.

Take control

If you want to live a happier more fulfilling life with increased satisfaction then you will need to learn about managing work related stress. Many just put up with stress at work. But why do you want to cope with stress when you can reduce your stress? This is the first of a series of articles on how to deal with stress and get to the root cause of it. Lets look at some simple ways.
Managing work related stress is vital to your overall happiness. If you can’t manage it then often you bring it home and the “stress” spills over into your home life. Maybe you’ve experienced this as anger outburst at the kids or spouse, irrational driving or gesturing (Yes I know they cut you off and it was their fault but did you have to respond that way?) or even with the quality of your relationships (stress kills your libido). The stereotype is that men get angry, yell and may be even hit. While women get quiet, withdrawn and keep things inside. (Yes, everything is fine dear!)

Longer term, chronic stress contributes to lower serotonin levels. This is the “feel good” hormone. You may experience as low mood or depression. And it’s effect on sleep and weight gain isn’t that great either. Stress zaps the joy and juice out of our lives! Thus it’s important to understand what sets it off.

Is it work?
To manage work related stress you need to know what’s triggering the stress you feel. Is it the job or is it you? What do I mean by that? At work, is it the amount of work you are experiencing that leads to a sense of over load or overwhelmed feeling? Is the lack of job satisfaction? Is it a co-worker or is one of those nasty bosses on your case all the time? Is it the shift work that’s running you down or the huge commute? Or is it a communication problem such as unreal expectations, lack of direction or clarity of tasks to be completed? As well, you may have heard of sick building syndrome. Is some sort of toxicity affecting you and making you feel stressed? All of the above?!

Or is it you!
It’s time for a reality check. How’s you’re attitude? Does the job “suck” or is it your attitude towards the job? Do you feel that your internal resistance is low and that you simply can’t handle much? Are you always tired and a bit grumpy because of lack of sleep, thus things get blown out of proportion? Do you make time for yourself to recharge with some fun movement, exercise or hobby? How healthy are your family relationships? How is your social circle? Are you seeing and doing things with friends? Are you dealing with some sort of chronic pain? Are there problems at home that are elevating your stress levels, which you then bring to the work place? Are  financial issues contributing to your stress load?

Or your lifestyle?
How are your eating patterns? Not eating breakfast, skipping meals, or consuming “liquid candy” (soft drinks, juices, sport drinks) or the rebound effect of caffeine or even low grade illness or inflammation can all elevate the stress hormone cortisol and contribute to your elevated stress levels. The body and brain don’t know or care where cortisol comes from. You simply experience “stress”. (You can learn more at

Does it make sense to you that you don’t simply “treat” one aspect of stress. That doesn’t help much. You address or deal with them all with a comprehensive stress reduction program that helps with the acute stress management but also works farther upstream to get to the root cause. You build up your internal resistance so you can handle more and the problems seem smaller.

You control stress or it controls you
One of the most significant and most important things you can do to mange stress at work (and life) is to take control of your stress. Since helplessness and lack of control is a huge stressor, take control of all the things your can. Empower yourself. Focus on your circle of control. Control the things you can such as your attitude, how you respond to situations, what you eat, drink, how you move, how much sleep you choose to get, and even what you think and say.

And great news on this. The more you empower yourself and develop this skill the more your circle of control expands, the smaller problems seem and the lower your stress. You feel way better!

Control the flow of your day. Start in the morning and set yourself up to win. Plan to have a good day. Don’t “have a good day”, as this sounds like you’re leaving it up to chance, rather be proactive and “make it a great day”. Take control and set your attitude for the day. It sounds simple but most don’t do it. Honestly what kind of day do you want to have? A good day or a crappy day? Your attitude determines this and you get to choose your attitude! So what’s it going to be?

If you have to go to work everyday then you are going to have to learn about managing stress in the workplace. Many just put up with stress at work. But why do you want to cope with stress when you can reduce your stress? As a matter of fact, why not make work fun!

Other articles will expand on this foundational concept of taking control. We will also cover prevention of stress building up by focusing on your perception. As well, how to build your internal resistance by balancing your physiology which is the foundation to all stress management techniques This builds you up so problems seem smaller and thus they are much easier to deal with. And this will reduce your stress.