One simple habit can greatly boost your daily happiness. It’s easy to do and fun.

The important mismatch
According to Nobel Prize winning  professor Daniel Kahneman, we are hard wired to undervalue a gain and over value a loss. He summarizes it as, “The aggravation and negative emotions we experience associate to a loss appear to be greater that the pleasure and positive emotions associated with gaining something of equal value.”

How does this impact our daily living?
We undervalue our positive actions and don’t give ourselves due credit when we do something good, great and positive. And… here is the part that gets us down, we over value our actions when we do something wrong, negative or inappropriate. We blow things out of proportion. We get down on ourselves. This inhibits our forward progression and doesn’t let us build up any momentum. We fill our brains with negative self talk and is non-supporting.

What can we learn from the professionals?
Lets look at professional Sports teams as an example. Every time they score a goal, basket or touch down they celebrate. Notice what else they do. They will also celebrate every small step on the way there. The last play, the good catch or pass. They look for the good in a situation and celebrate the progress. And what happens if something happens to flip things around what do they do? They tell themselves, it could have been worse. We’ll get it back, we’ll turn things around, lets get back on top.

What to do right now… today!
What can you do in your life right now to resolve this and add more joy to your life?
It’s quite simple actually; we celebrate all wins and positives however small they are. Doing this on a consistent basis will build up our confidence, self-esteem and just make us feel better. We will start building our ability to take action and move ahead with projects, tasks and goals in our life. We start getting more “juiced” over the future and start looking forward to it verses dreading it! We start looking for the good.

It helps lift our mood, and builds more positive associations to tasks and builds our momentum that makes that next big thing much easier to tackle and move towards. We get more done and we enjoy our day more. And, we are a lot more fun to be around!

Fun ways to celebrate
So how do you celebrate your wins to reinforce the positives? I have a bias towards physical actions as the movement helps generates positive emotions. It can be as easy as a high five with someone, a fist pump as you yell “YES” (visualize the tennis player when they make that amazing winning point), a firm pat on the back of colleague -if appropriate for the office setting- as you tell them way to go, good job etc. You could even do a “happy dance”. It could be a dinner out, a small gift to yourself etc.


I know you may feel awkward or embarrassed doing a fist pump at first, but keep doing it anyway. You’ve earned the good feelings that go with it and don’t let anyone take that away from you.  Find something that works for you and do it on a consistent base. I know this sounds simple, and it is, but don’t poo poo its power and impact on your life.

And don’t forget to tell others about the good positive things you’ve done. Many are good at sharing the negative, so reverse and undo this by sharing the positive of your experience. Ask others how they over came some challenge or hurdle or the good things that happened in their day.

Become more of the winner you are.

Celebrate all wins no matter how small they may seem and add more joy and happiness to your life. You deserve it.

Wishing you the best of health and spirits

Robert Ridpath
Health Synergy Inc

Robert Ridpath