My wife Heather is persistent and stubborn… thank goodness.


She found this strange bump, mole thing on her arm. Not a big deal right?! She can sometimes worry a bit to much so to be “safe” she went to the doctors office. Her GP is a nice guy and wasn’t to concerned about this mole and wasn’t going to do anything. But, with her persistence she pushed for him to examine it more closely with a biopsy. She had this done early December. a few days before Christmas the doctors office called and was adamant that she come in right away.


Three days before Christmas being told

you have the most aggressive form of skin cancer is not nice!


Within a few weeks we were at the cancer hospital in Toronto. A big chunk of Heathers arm was removed right down to the muscle. Then the waiting begins. If this cancer had grown to deep it gets into the lymphatic system and spreads quickly… this is the part that kills you. More waiting.

Valentines day, we got the GOOD news. She was clear! WHEWWWW!!!. She will need followups for a few years to make sure all continues to go well. A few years have gone by and we are doing well. So many life lessons to be learned from this. (more on those later!).

This experiences taught me so much about cancer and once I did a literature review I realized how little actually gets into the hands of the average person in terms of prevention and reversal of cancer. I had written some about this in my first book TLC for the body mind and soul, but I felt there was a lot to still get out to the public.

This video and video series contains some very simple yet very powerful ways of addressing caner, and keeping your body strong and vital.

It is for you and and your loved ones. Enjoy!

Watch the Cancer prevention and reversal video here.













Wishing you the very best of health and spirits,

Robert Ridpath

PS: I would love to hear your comments and thoughts about this video series. Don’t be shy, let me know.